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For those who still count, Avengers: Endgame has finished its sixth week of domestic release in North America with only $ 820 million. For the weekend, it should earn more than $ 5 million under Jurassic Park's Total Adjusted-Inflation Inflation. In 1993, that summer-mega-hit earned $ 357 million and grossed $ 402 million on the 20133-D receipt count, which is around $ 825 million in inflation-adjusted gross.

Therefore, this milestone will be right between Monday or Tuesday, between the return of Jurassic Park and Jedi (reunion / $ 847 million after counting $ 307 million) between inflation-adjusted gross amount. No, I'm not sure that there is enough gas for Star Wars sequel, but if that's the case (ironically) the rank immediately below the incarnation (adjusted from $ 8 million to 80 million dollars in 2009/2010) Yes, it is included once again since the end of 2010, which took the total amount of incarnation from $ 749 million to $ 760 million, but it was very bad.

The point is going on, when this Jurassic Park passes in the beginning of next week, it can very well be your last domestic box office landmark. And it also wraps too much abroad. The film has earned $ 1.9 billion out of North America. It will not catch Avatar ($ 2.029 billion), but it's still going to be more than $ 375 million above the Titanic ($ 1.528 billion counting the 3-D reactions of 2012) and $ 550 million in comparison to Avengers More: Infinity War ($ 1.3695 billion foreign)

In order to put that ridiculous propaganda in perspective, Avengers 4 (Avengers 3 to 24% more in North America) will estimate the end of $ 845 million. But, give or take the final result, it will earn about 39% more overseas than the Avengers 3. Yes, it doubled its Chinese gross ($ 629 million versus $ 356 million), but it is still a good increase in almost every market.

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