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VHS/DVD Update(March 1st,2019)

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Here Is My VHS/DVD Update for March 1st,2019,Since there was no new update in February,Here's what I got Recently:
1.Jungle 2 Jungle(1997)Printed In 1997(It's fun to watch bad movies by making fun of them and watch reviews of them,Check out The Nostagia Critic and MST3K)
2.Little Miss Marker(1934)Printed In 1996(I'm a big Shirley Temple Fan,and this was one of Temple's first films and few movies made by Paramount before she signed to Fox that same year.)
3.Robin Hood(1973)Printed In 1984(Early 1985 Reprint)(I also have the 1991 Classics Reissue,which I decided to get rid of to make room for this,because I stopped collecting reissues of the same movie,I'm gonna get back my VHS of Willy Wonka Soon. One of the best Underrated Disney Movies and one of my favorites. I'll rewatch this movie sometime when one of my friends come over again)
4.Baby of The Bride(1991)Printed In 1993
5.The Magic School Bus:Flexes It's Muscles(1996)Printed in 1997(I remember seeing this show during my Elementary years during Second and Third Grade)
6.The Magic School Bus:Going Batty(1996)Printed In 1996
7.How To Deal(2002)Printed In 2003
8.Benji(1972)Printed In 1982(1984 Reprint)
9.Pretty In Pink(1986)Printed In 1986(I seen bits of this movie on ABC Family(now known as FreeForm)
10.Mannequin(1987)Printed In 1987
11.She's All That(1999)Printed In 1999
12.The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher and The Tale of Peter Rabbit(1987)Printed in 1988(1990 Reprint)
13.Travis Tritt:It's All About To Change(1991)Printed In 1991
14.Notting Hill(1999)Printed In 1999(This was One of the last films made by Polygram Films(Also Known as PFE,USA Films, and Gramercy Pictures)before it was folded by Universal that same year)
15.X-Men(2000)Printed In 2000(I kinda became a huge Marvel Fan when I watched Spider Man 1&3,Into The Spider Verse,Guardians of The Galaxy Parts 1&2,Deadpool 1 and 2 and Ant-Man).
16.The Island of Dr. Moreau(1996)Printed In 1997
17.The Wedding Singer(1998)Printed In 1998
18.South Park:The Complete Fourth Season(2003)Printed In 2003
(I became a huge fan of this show by watching the movie first,then I finally fell in love with the show by watching the first three seasons,I'll might give this a watch this month)

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