Unreleased Fortnite Glitches... (New)

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Unreleased Fortnite Glitches... (New)

here are some brand new fortnite glitches for season 10 as well as some unreleased fortnite glitches! Some of these fortnite glitches are unseen and haven't been featured anywere yet! If you enjoyed this video then make sure you consider subscribing;)

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Glitches Featured:

New Ghost Character Glitch (founder: Macstrikes)
Use Item Spawners in Edit mode (founder: Retali8)
Change Mech Health (founder: konstak05)
Floating Island Glitched Spot (founder: Troll Ninja)
Creative Powers in Rift Zones
Unlimited Shield Glitch (founder: OrangeGuy)

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konstak05 (https://bit.ly/2m7jh7D)
Troll Ninja (https://bit.ly/2GgVnQo)
OrangeGuy (https://bit.ly/2lDI39L)

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