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TOM AND JERRY - MOUSE MAZE GROUND FLOOR A. Fun Tom and Jerry 2019 Games. Baby Games

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TOM AND JERRY - MOUSE MAZE GROUND FLOOR A. Fun Tom and Jerry 2019 Games. Baby Games
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Cheese is scattered all over the place, and Jerry's task is to collect it all! But he needs to be careful, because Tom hunts him. Help Jerry to run through full fun levels, collecting both cheese and avoiding Tom, in this classic game of cat and mouse. Use bonuses and everyday household items to stay one step ahead. Keep a close eye on Tom and his friends, because they will follow you!

★ Many levels and cheese worlds full of fun!
★ Avoid Tom, his friends and all the puzzle-traps they set up.
★ Use transport tunnels, magic hats, vases and other items to stay safe.

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