The Best Melee Setups for Terraria Calamity Mod! ||Terraria Class Setup Guide||

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This video goes over the best Melee loadouts for different stages of Terraria in the Calamity mod.
Because of how many items there are in this mod, there is bound to be some disagreement when it comes to what is the most optimal loadout. Because of this I encourage everyone to leave your own opinions on specific weapons and armor sets that you think work better. Eventually if I make another one of these I will likely get some other calamity players opinions and combine them with my own in order to create the best guides possible.

This video was made for Calamity Version so it will eventually become outdated. In the future, refer to the class setups page below for updated loadouts.

★Calamity Wiki★
Class Setups (:Class_setups)

"Servants of the Scourge"()
"Pest of the Cosmos" ()

★Mage Loadout Video★

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