'STARTING A NEW ADVENTURE' - Minecraft Pixelmon Episode 1 - Pokesmash Server

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another minecraft pixelmon video!

'STARTING A NEW ADVENTURE' - Minecraft Pixelmon Episode 1 - Pokesmash

Today, I am starting a brand new adventure on my new server called PokeSmash! To kick off our journey, I decided to begin with a perfect IV shiny riolu! It is going to be so much fun to train him to become the best lucario on the server :)

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My channel, (TheSirud - Minecraft & Pixelmon) is based mostly around minecraft, but specifically the pixelmon mod. I have tons of different and unique series's on my channel so be sure to check them out :) I like to mess around with the pixelmon mod, changing the config and joking around! I make family friendly content, that is fun for everyone.

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Twitter: @TheSirud
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