SQL Server Security Tutorial | Administering MS SQL Server 2012 Databases | 70-462

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Hello and welcome to the administering SQL Server 2012 databases exam number 70-462 certification course offered by Simplilearn.
This lesson will introduce you to how you can optimize performance on your SQL servers.

1. After completing this lesson you will be able to define benchmarking
2. Demonstrate how to use Resource Governor and PerfMon
3. Describe dynamic management views
4. Explains how to work with SQL profile.

Benchmarking Server Performance: It deals with benchmarking and some of the tools that are available to you in an installation of sequel server to do it.
Understand the process of benchmarking. It is a process of checking the performance of your SQL server system against a known set of standards. Performance is based on a huge number of factors these include common factors like CPU, memory, file system I/O, network speed, how will queries are written or optimized and many more. Each of these should be used individually as well as in combination to see the real performance and compare it to what you consider should be the ideal. It can be viewed and managed with this performance using a number of different tools there are tools that will allow you to view the current performance while others will let you change parameters to achieve a particular performance goals if possible. A baseline can also be set up. One that works under ideal conditions and see how it performs as well.

Resource Governor: the first tool were discussing is the Resource Governor this is a component that is installed with SQL server and is able to manage workloads within It. How the tool works is to set limits to resources such as CPU and RAM you've been set up workloads basically how much of the system to use for these different resources and then assigned them to the pool of resources since the resources have limits set both a minimum and a maximum. The Resource Governor ensures that the workload assigned to it doesn't get below or use more than what is a sign this makes setting up the baseline as well as performance much more predictable as you know exactly the amount of CPU and RAM being used by each SQL server component or service.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is the one of the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server, the extremely popular and widely used database system in the world. Simplilearn’s Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases course introduces you to building and using databases in this platform.

The course provides students with the technical skills required to perform installation, maintenance, and configuration tasks in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. It also teaches them how to set up database systems, make sure the systems operate efficiently, and regularly store, back up, and secure data from unauthorized access. This course will help current and aspiring data professionals to prepare for exam 70-462, known as Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases.

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