MAGISCHER SPORT | Folge 4 | Fußball Cartoon | Deutsch | Magic Sport

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Magischer Sport 2. Alle Charaktere aus dem Kinder Surprise auf der gleichen Tonhöhe wird eine große Spielball Ligen zu spielen. Was wird es für das Spiel zu sein!. Magic Sport 2. An entertaining adventure in which nine young football players attempt to fulfil their dream of taking part in the “Wood Cup”— the animals’ famous football tournament. Anyway they fear they haven’t a chance against their prorivals. So they go in search of Snipp the Moose, one of the best forwards ever, who had disappeared without a trace after withdrawing from the official competitions. in order to discover the secret to becoming real champions. Thus begins an entertaining adventure where our friends gradually learn the lessons of teamwork, the secret being “exhibiting ‘togetherness’ as a whole team” Prüfen Sie die Playlist und gehen Sie in das Land der Animationen!
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