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Добавлено от Admin В Человек паук
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Words and music by Joe Quesada, 2003

Mistletoe and sugarplums
Candy canes, I don't want none
Just need my X-Men by my side.

Mother says, "Look Santa's here!"
But I know who's behind that beard
Ain’t no way Stan "The Man" can hide.


And then he looks at me
Says, "Son, can you keep my secret please!
See, Santa called, he was feeling down.
So I took his sleigh and I'm making his rounds."

Then out of his bag there came a gift
I said, "Save it for someone who needs the lift."
‘Cause like it or not
Wednesday’s Christmas at my Comic Shoppe.

Graphic novels, trade paperbacks
Toys and statues, the comics rack
It’s enough to make this grown man sway
(I love to shop there everyday.)

Sorry, Stan, it might seem unfair
But Christmas today just doesn’t compare
When every week’s a holiday
(Isn’t Stan Jewish anyway?)

That’s why
When Wednesday comes, I don’t walk I run!
Got to get there before the frenzy’s begun
For Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Statix too
Ultimates, FF and 1602.

And though I don’t mean to brag
Compared to this, Christmas’s one big drag.
Yeah, like it or not
Wednesday’s Christmas at my Comic Shoppe.

Suffering daily from holiday blues
Leaving me wondering what’s there to do
Until the day I read those famous words from you:
"Excelsior, true believer!"

Silver Surfer, Avengers, DD
Supreme Power, Punisher, Thor and Wolvie
Iron Man and that Parker Schlub
Come on, sing along, Stan you made most of them up!

Stan’s eyes lit up as he heard the word
Said, "This Kringle stuff is for the birds!
‘Cause like it or not
Wednesday’s Christmas at my Comic Shoppe.

Nothing says "humbug" more
Than that stack of Brand Echhs piling up in the store,
And I’m feeling great and I’m feeling fine
‘Cause I’m always makin’ Marvel mine!

Performance by Idlechatter
Joe Quesada- All vocals and acoustic guitar
Tommy Dean- Guitars
Mike Ferrar- Bass
Bobby Ventura- Drums and percussions

Special thanks to Stan (The Man) Lee

Engineered and mixed by Mike Ferrara
Final mix by Jerry Farley
Recorded at Fast Lane Studios, Brooklyn NY

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