Idechatter - Marvel Comics For Christmas (2002)

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Words and music Joe Quesada, 2002

It wasn't long ago at the ol' North pole
The Elves got together so the story is told
They called a Union Rep on Christmas night
Sorry Mr. Santa but we're going on strike

So, Santa went cryin' down to Mama Claus
She said, "stop the crap, Nick, just show them whose boss."
That's when Santa grinned just as sly as a fox
He went into his attic and got his comic box, yeah!

Santa Claus gives Marvel Comics for Christmas.

Kevin Smith and JMS on Spider-Man
Bagley, Bendis, Austen and some Morri-san
Loeb and Sale, Jimenez, Johns and Bryan Hitch
No wonder DC Comics does nothing but bitch

Milligan, Allred, Ennis, Dillon and Jones
The Kuberts and Quitely, Ramos and Vaughan
Maleeve and Robertson and Mark Millar
And lets not forget the great J.R. JR.

Santa Claus gives Marvel Comics for Christmas.

Little Paul was wishing for a rubber band ball
But just like Marky Sunshine he got nothin' but coal
Bobby W. was waiting and he got all depressed
'Cause Santa's out of comics

Santa checked his list just as fast as he can
He almost forgot Rucka, Waid and Ron Zimmerman
While Billy and Joey wondered what had gone wrong
But Santa don't give comics when you're bad all year long!

Santa Claus gives Marvel Comics for Christmas.

So many people that we value there's no question I forgot a few.
Middleton, Simone and Way, Jae Lee, Finch and Cassaday, Jurgens, Jenkins, Isanove, Palmer, Mounts lets sound them off! Bachalo, Kordey and Chen, Janson, Udon, Severin, Wells and Ross, Ringo too. Davis, Farmer and Andrews, Comicraft, Larroca, Tieri, Kolins, Ryan, Lai's and Fahbry, Mandrake, Avalon and Manco, Claremont, Young and Tom DeFalco, Miki, Winick, Cross and Grant, Fagredo, Corben, Ribic, Frank, Asamiya and Tim Townsend, Williamson, Lucas, Dodson, Ranson, Hana, Soto, Loughridge, Starlin, Milgrom, Bill Sienkiewicz, Immomen and Deadato. Thibert, Garney, Choi and Bongo, Hairsine, Krueger, Oliffe, Priest, Villarrubia, Bright and Kieth, Baker, Cooke, Morales, Cho, Pratt, Horn, Buccellatto, Braithwaite, Bollers. Reis and Holtz, Bradstreet, Frenz, and Michael Gaydos, Hollingsworth, Pope and Copiel, Winslade, Gaiman, Haspiel, Studio F. Fernandez, Jeanty, Dorkin, Kesel, Bennet, Chukry.

There's no rhyme Eliopoulous except that Marvel Fans are the best!

Joe Quesada-Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Tommy Dean- Guitar/Sax/Vocals
Mike Ferrara- Bass
Bobby Ventura- Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Not Bill Jemas on sleigh bells but an incredible simulation
Jerry Farley- Engineer
Recorded at Fastlane Studios, Brooklyn New York
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