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How Batman Takes Stealth Back to Basics

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The Batman arkham games are beloved for a reason, they perfected cinematic action brawling, they've got great open world and some of the best baddies in videogaming, but there's one thing that The Architect thinks the Arkham series does that's gone under-praised, and that is the Predator sections.

The Predator mode in the Arkham games is a masterclass in tense, endlessly compelling stealth design, and that appeal is ultimately down to how the fine folks at Rocksteady tap into the same primal instincts that have driven games about hiding and seeking since the dawn of humanity. How does that relate to billionaires dressed up as bats punching clowns? Find out inside.

Take a look at People Make Games: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZB6V9fUov0Mx_us3MWWILg

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