Gemini 1/20-1/26: End the Cycle! If You Do What You Did, You’ll Get What You Got!

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Please READ Instructions to book:
Private Readings can be booked at:
If from a DESKTOP: **Click on the icon at the right, then "My Bookings", then "Check out Our Services" to see the menu/prices, etc.
If from a mobile device: The icon does not show on all devices (for some reason), so if there is an issue, use a desk/laptop.
This channel delivers general Tarot messages for all twelve zodiac signs. Readings are given bi-monthly, and special readings are also provided in between the scheduled readings. These are meant to encourage and validate peope who might be in need of energetic guidance! This is not intended to replace professional therapeutic help!
Donations are appreciated!

Love, light, and blessings. . . Jackie ????
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