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FAMILY Panda Dolls LOL Surprise! Cartoon Snuggle LOL Families Surprise Dolls Unboxing Toys

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Добавлено от Admin В Барби
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Today I made a FAMILY Pandas from LOL Surprise Doll and Monster High! Cartoon Snuggle LOL Families Surprise Dolls Unboxing toys! Panda is going to gymnastics training! But parents have news: now all expenses will be recorded in a notebook, because dad needs to find a new job! Because of this, Panda was late for training again, the trainer is very unhappy! She checks everyone's suit before the competition, and it broke from Panda! And now her new parents won't buy her for sure! Therefore, my mother decided to look for a job too, and found only a cleaner at the Panda school and her brother! What other surprises await her, watch the new cartoon LOL Families Surprise Dolls on Mandarin Juice channel!

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