ESP8266 Web Server and Websockets Using Arduino IDE (Mac OSX and Windows) | vs. AJAX and HTTP

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In this video I show you how to get started with WebSockets, one of the latest web technologies for exchanging data between web clients and web servers.

We've seen how to use HTTP requests from a web browser to request data from a web server running on the ESP8266 (). A problem is that every time the client sends a request, the entire webpage needs to be reloaded. We saw how using XML HTTP requests and AJAX allowed for dynamically updating parts of the webpage ().

With websockets the data exchange between a client and server is much easier, faster, and doesn't need a request to be made by the client.

In this tutorial, I build a webpage that:
1. Allows me to display text data sent from the server using the Serial Monitor for text input.
2. Allows me to send text data to the server using the Serial Monitor as a display output.
3. Allows me to change the value of a slider to set the brightness value of an LED that's controlled by the web server running on the ESP8266.

ACROBOTIC WeMos Development Kit for ESP8266:


ACROBOTIC WeMos D1 Mini V2 Development Board for ESP8266:


Detailed guide for getting started with the WeMos ESP8266 Development Board:

Firmware for the Arduino IDE:

Websockets library for Arduino (best installed through library manager):

Music by andyclassical. Envato's Music Standard License.

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