Dragon Nest [Infinity Nest] Kairon Nest F4 Dark Avenger POV (Patch 4.23)

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Terromance o7 ????
I've changed spec only for the team and discovered that it's pretty enjoyable class to play.
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Still ,, new big patch is around the corner and we gonna say bye bye to labby system and finally say hello to RDN Normal and more new content with more changes.
I'm playing DN for years but never touched DA, started playing this class like 3-4days ago.
I was expecting a very easy class to play and it turned that it's not really true,
was defo expecting more SA here and there anyway, I really like how Dark Avenger sounds and class actually has few amazing skills I fell instantly in love with.
Sadly, one of the debuffs getting nerfed by 10% from -20% all eles to -10% I believe, seems like reasonable change looking at DA's party usefulness.
I've had some weird delay during this run, couldn't even click my Doom Blade at Gustos, something bad happened with my last hit of ultimate as well, probably something with hit box or I didn't even load full hit, somehow skipped mech though.

Best F4: 2:18

50% stero were used :AishaDisgust:

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- EU and SEA datacentres.
- Custom level 80 cap, mix of T4 and T5!
- Never before seen custom Saint's Haven, events, and upcoming skills.
- Developed by an active and experienced staff!

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