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Batman and Robin Ch 01 Batman Takes Over no copyright

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Because of Copyright Dialogue Begins At 2 minutes 3 seconds
Beginning Dialogue:
"Crime Is Our Stalking Our City
By Night & Day It Is On The Increase!
Our Undermanned Police Force,
Is Helpless To Cope With The Situation!
BUT They Have An Ally;
Batman Who With The Faithful Robin,
Wages Unending War Against All Criminals!
With Their Mission Accomplished These Glamorous Figures Vanish As Suddenly As They Appear; Where do they go? What Strange Place Can Conceal Their Identity?
In The Suburb Of Gotham City Is The Home Of Bruce Wayne, Known To His Neighbors As A Wealthy Playboy.
Only The Faithful Alfred Knows The Totally Dark Secret Of What Lies Beneath The House: The BAT CAVE!
Famed Headquarters of Those Relentless Crusaders For Law & Order, Batman & Robin!
Alfred: Good evening Miss Vale.
Vicki Vale: Hello Alfred, is your hard working boss in?"
The Caped Crusaders vs. The Wizard, Robert Lowery as Batman / Bruce Wayne Johnny Duncan as Robin / Dick Grayson, Jane Adams as Vicki Vale,
Lyle Talbot as Commissioner Jim Gordon,
Don C. Harvey, William Fawcett , Leonard Penn, Rick Vallin,
Michael Whalen, Greg McClure,

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